Monday, December 28, 2009

What Works for Me Might Work for You ActionTec and NetGear together

Déjà, Déjà, Déjà vu

what works for me

might work for you


Having trouble getting your old ActionTec dsl modem/wireless router to work peacefully with your new NetGear wireless router?  Here’s a brief recounting of how I got through this obstacle and subsequently connected multiple wireless devices successfully.


The Two Routers

1ActionTec Verizon DSL Modem/Wireless Router

NetGear 614 Wireless Router


IP address to access either router .  is


Use the above IP to access the ActionTec

Use to access the NetGear


Wiring as follows


Patch from ActionTec to NetGear with Internet signal.  Patch from NetGear to PC1.  PC2 is wired to Action Tec.

To access the ActionTec, type into a web browser from either PC1 or PC2.  The default username/password for the ActionTec is ADMIN/Password


To access the NetGear router software I first turned off the ActionTec.  This of course disrupts the internet connection, but still allows communication with the router from PC1

From PC1 enter

The default username/password is ADMIN/Password


Under Wireless Setup turn on WEP security, generate a new 128bit WEP Key.  Also give the router a unique SSID.  Since my ActionTec is using channel 9, I set the NetGear to channel 11.


/saved changes and turned the ActionTec back on.


Created connections in each of the two mobile devices as required.


Alls well that end well. 


 Your friend in tunes,

Dj Bowen

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

24th Annual Walk A Thon for Southeastern Guide Dog School coming Up Fast!

24th Annual Walk A Thon Coming Up Fast!


Time flies when you are having fun!  And if you have a guide dog, chances are good you are indeed having fun!  so hurry up and make your plans to attend the 24th Annual Walk A Thon to benefit Southeastern Guide Dog School.


The walk takes place in Palmetto, Florida, at the Manatee County Fairgrounds on Saturday, February the 27th, 2010.


If you are coming from way out of town and want to stay where most of the other participants will be staying, and get some great hotel rates to boot, contact the Courtyard by Marriott, Bradenton Riverfront, 100 Riverfront Drive West, Bradenton, FL 34205.  Call 1.866.624.1658.  Standard Rooms: Book before December 31, 2009  $119, Book before February 1, 2010 $124, Suites: Book before February 1, 2010  $149.

Or the Hampton Inn, Ellenton, 5810 20th Court East, Ellenton, FL 34222.  Call 941.721.4000 Standard rooms: Book before January 24, 2010 $99 Be sure to book early for these special deals There are only a limited number of rooms available. Check out the specials for graduates regarding reimbursements

for your hotel stay.


Registration will be held Friday, February 26th at the Marriott and Saturday morning at the fairgrounds at 7:30 a.m.    Opening ceremony at 8:15 a.m. with the walk commencing immediately after the ceremony.


Graduates who have not yet heard from Paula Best at the school should contact her ASAP  Paula is the Special Events Coordinator

Office: 941.729.5665 Ext. 126


If you would like to help me and Lucky with our fund raising goal, click here to jump over to the special secure page hosted on the Southeastern servers. 



Merry Christmas To All!

Dj Bowen

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Get the Led Out!

Let's Get the Led Out!  Led Zeppelin is our Featured Artist!


This week's featured artist is none other than the first, and maybe the greatest, heavy metal hard rock blues acoustic band in the world.  Formed in 1969 as a result of the split of the Yardbirds, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham began a run that left genre labelers in the dark.  With their eclectic styles of blues, hard rock, acoustic rock, folk and even country, these guys set the rock and roll world on it's ear.


Click here for some fun reading and great deals on all the Led Zeppelin catalog.


 Your friend in tunes,

Dj Bowen

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Feat - Brought to you by Music for Sight

Little Feat – The Featured Artist for the Week of Rocktober 17 – 24, 2009


Dateline Los Angeles, 1969

Today, (in history that is), in L.A. singer and guitarist Lowell George from Hollywood,

California and Bill Payne, piano player and singer from Waco, Texas, joined forces

with Roy Estrada, from Santa Anna, California on bass guitar and Ritchie Hayward

from Clear Lake, Iowa on drums to form a new soon to be legendary band.  The four

young men and some friends were sitting around jamming and trying to come up with

a name for the new group.  Worn out from pacing round the room, Lowell George,, who

has recently been fired by Frank Zappa kicked back in a chair and propped his feet

up on the table.  “Check out those little feet” said someone in the room.  The rest,

as they say, is history.  It was no small feat that brought together George, Payne,

Estrada and Hayward.  The spelling of the singer’s

little feet was not in homage to the feat accomplished,  Rather, it was in homage

to The Beatles.


Dateline L.A. October 2009


Hard to believe it's been forty years since that first press release announcing the creation of Little Feat.  It is true Linda Lou.  And the band is still working hard.  Time loves a hero, also true, but time is slowly but surely taking it's toll.  With the recent diagnosis of a rather serious liver disease forcing Ritchie Hayward to take an unplanned sabbatical it seems that the mind making promises the body can't fill is becoming more than just a prelude to the old folks boogie.  Our prayers are with Ritchie for a full and speedy recovery.  And for Bill, Paul, Fred, Kenny, Gabe and Sam as they continue to give this old dreamer, and many of you too, sight through music.


Check out the official Little Feat web site and keep up on Ritchie's condition, the tour schedule and everything Little Feat! 



 Your friend in tunes,

Dj Bowen

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Attention, dog and puppy lovers

Hello Friends of Music for Sight,


The Open House at Southeastern, Lucky’s alma mater, is only two weeks away.  You asked me for a reminder, and here it is!


Open House Saturday, October 24th!

Attention, dog and puppy lovers come to our next Open House!

Southeastern Guide Dogs will host its next Open House on Saturday, October 24th from

9 a.m. to noon at its beautiful, 23-acre campus in Palmetto. The event is free and

open to the public!

Open House visitors will enjoy a guided, walking tour of our Freedom Walk and our

puppy and dog training kennels and will have the opportunity to visit with our adorable

puppies. You will learn how guide dogs are trained and the valuable service they

provide. Get an opportunity to experience what it's like to walk blindfolded with

a trained dog.

Southeastern Guide Dogs is one of only 10 fully certified guide dog schools in the

country, and the only guide dog school in the Southeastern United States. The school

is just minutes off I-75 at 4210 77th Street East in Palmetto.

For more information, call 941.729.5665



 Your friend in tunes,

Dj Bowen

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guns and Roses is the Featured Artist for Rocktober 9 - 16, 2009

Guns and Roses is the Featured Artist for Rocktober 9 - 16, 2009


So that you won't think we are always doing the old folks boogie here at Music for Sight, I'm stepping aside this week and letting my youngest contributor, Ethan "Guitar Man" Bowen take over the featured artist spotlight and shine it where he will.


He has decided on Guns and Roses.  A raucous hard rock band from L.A. that critics liken to the early raucous rock and roll of the Rolling Stones.


Axl Rose and his band have been through some changes, and after a bit of time off, they have come back determined to re-establish themselves as one of America’s hard rock front runners.  with a new album called Chinese Democracy.


From their 1987 debut, Appetite for Destruction, through the 2008 release, the band has never been short on high energy rock...


Check out Ethan's coverage of Guns and Roses, listen to some bits from Appetite for Destruction and order the CD's you need to fill  out your Guns and Roses collection.


Your friend in tunes,

Dj Bowen

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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Piano Player and Performer Emerges

The Piano Player Emerges


A few years  later around 1954 Reggie began taking formal piano lessons.  In spite of the fact, or maybe because of the fact that the lessons were formal and his dad, a stern disciplinarian who enforced a constrictive home life, by 1956, when Reggie  heard those first Elvis Presley and Bill Haley records his mom brought home, knew that he wanted to play like that! Wild, free and unconstrained.  I think we call it rock and Roll, eh?   

They say by age 11 Reggie was dazzling the aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends and anyone nearby with his Jerry Lee Lewis like performances.  Imagine having a kid like that playing at the family holiday parties!


Reggie won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Arts and was, according to his instructors a model student who could listen to a recital of say a four page Handel composition just once, and then play it back from memory sounding like a recording in his flawless execution.  Years later, Reggie would say he was a bit of a rebel during those days, but his teachers don't remember it that way.  Ah, memories, like beauty, are so often as recalled, or seen by the beholder...


Reggie left school at 17, formed a band called The Corvettes and then a band known as Bluesology.  It was with Bluesology, who soon became the backup band for local legend Long John Baldry,  he recorded his first two singles, and, answering an ad in a local music rag after failing lead vocal auditions for King Crimson and Gentle Giant, met Bernie Taupin.


His dad, concerned by all this craziness, tried to steer young Reggie to a more conservative future, like, say, banking.  I’m not sure how the loss of another banker has hurt the financial world, but can you imagine a world without the music and magic of Elton John?  I can’t.


Reggie changed his name to Elton John in honor of the sax player in Bluesology whose name was Elton Dean, and Long John Baldry.

Elton John Releases His First U.S. Album, Empty Sky


Elton John began wearing the oversized glasses in emulation of another rebel, James Dean, and began dressing in wild stage getups to strike a visual impact.  Like the audio impact was not enough.


Then in 1969, Elton John, with several players from Bluesology and lyrics by Bernie Taupin, released his first U.S. album Empty Sky. 


Click  here for more on this week's featured artist Elton John.  Interesting facts and Elton, his music and his bands.  Along with a complete discography and mp3 downloads and some bits from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road for you to listen to!



Peace and love,

Dj Bowen

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Weeks eatured Artist - Dan Fogelberg

Our featured artist for the week of September 23 - September 30, 2009 is a true blue
American legend. Born and raised in Peoria Illinois, Dan was learning to play a
guitar starting in his 14
year and given to him by his grandpa by using a Mel Bay chord book. Just like the
one I used, and maybe you too! Dan's musical heritage is rich in talent. His mom,
Margaret a classically trained pianist and his dad, Lawrence, the high school band
leader immortalized in Dan's classic song "Leader of the Band", from his 1981 two
record album "The Innocent Age", endowed Dan with skills and talents that would day
make him, indeed, an American legend.
Dan Fogelberg died at his home in Deer Isle, Maine on December 16, 2007 with his
wife by his side. Dan had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but that diagnosis
came to late for successful treatment. Dan's last with was for his wife to do what
she could using his fame to prevent other men from the same fate.
Dan's final album, released this week is being used to help make Dan's last request
possible. All proceeds from the sale of this CD, from here at Music for Sight and
from Dan's own web site,
, will go to prostate cancer research.
Click on the
Featured Artist
link, at to read more about this great American treasure. Then buy the CD to help fund
prostate cancer research, and most importantly, make an appointment with your doctor
to get your prostate checked. Do it for Dan. Do it for yourself... do it today!

Southeastern Guide Dog school Announces Memorial Garden

The campus of Southeastern Guide Dog School is located in Palmetto, Florida, a
small town south of Tampa. The campus is about 3 or 4 miles from the town of Palmetto
in a rather secluded area. The grounds of the campus are large and beautifully landscaped.
And in a quiet corner of the grounds a new Memorial Garden is being installed to
give us all a private area to memorialize and remember the amazing guides who gave
everything of themselves and asked nothing of us in return except to love them.
Here is an excerpt from the email I received from Southeastern. , "Located in the
southwest corner of the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus, this garden
is a quiet, contemplative spot. Features include opportunities to memorialize a beloved
dog in a beautifully landscaped area.
The garden is visually segregated from surrounding areas and offers the fragrance
of Florida flowers and a unique sense of peaceful remembrance of a dog that has a
special place in your heart. Opportunities for memorials of your dog include bricks,
river rocks and benches.
Concrete Bench…”
To get all the details on the Memorial Garden and how you can memorialize your guide,
or the guide of someone you know, send an email to
or visit our
At Southeastern Guide Dogs

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Music for Sight Store Now Open for Business

Music for Sight is dedicated to the fulfillment of the dreams of blind men and women around the world who want the freedom and independence of mobility found through using a professionally trained guide dog.

At our website you will find a great many resources to help you or someone you love achieve this goal.

It is my objective to raise money for Lions clubs International, southeastern Guide Dog School, the RP Foundation Fighting Blindness in their efforts to enable the blind and visually impaired in becoming productive, and most importantly, happy members of our society.

It is also my goal, after achieving the altruistic goals above, to support my family and Music for Sight by offering anyone a safe, fast and easy entrance to through Music for Sight. Our website has been approved by to participate in their affiliate, or associate, program.

By referring sales to through our website, we will earn commissions. And those commissions will be used as outlined above.

There are no additional costs to the consumer. Music for Sight gathers none of your private or personal information.

We only provide an informative, easy to use selection process with reviews, reports and evaluations of products to help you make the choice that is right for you.

Stop by today, check it out, and add a blog to this thread and let others know what you think!

Music for Sight