Monday, December 28, 2009

What Works for Me Might Work for You ActionTec and NetGear together

Déjà, Déjà, Déjà vu

what works for me

might work for you


Having trouble getting your old ActionTec dsl modem/wireless router to work peacefully with your new NetGear wireless router?  Here’s a brief recounting of how I got through this obstacle and subsequently connected multiple wireless devices successfully.


The Two Routers

1ActionTec Verizon DSL Modem/Wireless Router

NetGear 614 Wireless Router


IP address to access either router .  is


Use the above IP to access the ActionTec

Use to access the NetGear


Wiring as follows


Patch from ActionTec to NetGear with Internet signal.  Patch from NetGear to PC1.  PC2 is wired to Action Tec.

To access the ActionTec, type into a web browser from either PC1 or PC2.  The default username/password for the ActionTec is ADMIN/Password


To access the NetGear router software I first turned off the ActionTec.  This of course disrupts the internet connection, but still allows communication with the router from PC1

From PC1 enter

The default username/password is ADMIN/Password


Under Wireless Setup turn on WEP security, generate a new 128bit WEP Key.  Also give the router a unique SSID.  Since my ActionTec is using channel 9, I set the NetGear to channel 11.


/saved changes and turned the ActionTec back on.


Created connections in each of the two mobile devices as required.


Alls well that end well. 


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