Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Feat - Brought to you by Music for Sight

Little Feat – The Featured Artist for the Week of Rocktober 17 – 24, 2009


Dateline Los Angeles, 1969

Today, (in history that is), in L.A. singer and guitarist Lowell George from Hollywood,

California and Bill Payne, piano player and singer from Waco, Texas, joined forces

with Roy Estrada, from Santa Anna, California on bass guitar and Ritchie Hayward

from Clear Lake, Iowa on drums to form a new soon to be legendary band.  The four

young men and some friends were sitting around jamming and trying to come up with

a name for the new group.  Worn out from pacing round the room, Lowell George,, who

has recently been fired by Frank Zappa kicked back in a chair and propped his feet

up on the table.  “Check out those little feet” said someone in the room.  The rest,

as they say, is history.  It was no small feat that brought together George, Payne,

Estrada and Hayward.  The spelling of the singer’s

little feet was not in homage to the feat accomplished,  Rather, it was in homage

to The Beatles.


Dateline L.A. October 2009


Hard to believe it's been forty years since that first press release announcing the creation of Little Feat.  It is true Linda Lou.  And the band is still working hard.  Time loves a hero, also true, but time is slowly but surely taking it's toll.  With the recent diagnosis of a rather serious liver disease forcing Ritchie Hayward to take an unplanned sabbatical it seems that the mind making promises the body can't fill is becoming more than just a prelude to the old folks boogie.  Our prayers are with Ritchie for a full and speedy recovery.  And for Bill, Paul, Fred, Kenny, Gabe and Sam as they continue to give this old dreamer, and many of you too, sight through music.


Check out the official Little Feat web site and keep up on Ritchie's condition, the tour schedule and everything Little Feat! 



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