Friday, January 29, 2010

Party With the Puppies This Saturday January 30th

That's right!  As we gear up for the year's biggest event,

The Walk A Thon

, take a few minutes this Saturday afternoon to cruise on down to Palmetto and party

with the puppies!  They need socializing, and you need relaxation!  Here's a perfect


Visit the beautiful campus, enjoy the refreshing walks and party with some of the

most adorable puppies you’ll ever find anywhere this Saturday at our open house.


the school’s web site

 for all the details, or

email m


 Your friend in tunes,

Dj Bowen

Music for Sight

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For My Friends at Music for Sight and My Friends at ABF and, for you!

A Quick Note for My Friends at ABF and An Invitation for You To Join us!


Sitting at my desk on a Sunday evening studying next weeks lesson, thinking about Monday morning and work and King Solomon and Ecclesiastes .


I have been blessed most of my life when it comes to jobs.  Oh, there were a couple jobs that seemed like they had been cursed by someone or something, and few though they were , the really bad jobs certainly helped me develop a better appreciation for the really good ones I have had.


I have enjoyed so many the things I have been able to do to earn a living.  From wiping windows, checking oil and pumping gas back when it was 49 cents a gallon to building and flying planes to a great career in the information technology arena, starting at the ground floor and riding the information crest on into the twenty first century.  And even though I lost my sight somewhere along the way, (a reward is being offered for it’s safe return by the way,) I very much enjoy the work I now do in  showcasing the unique challenges faced by the blind and visually impaired on a world wide band box, helping  where I can, promoting guide dogs in general and SEGDI in particular and sharing musical visions  with you. As for the work I do selling artists work, it’s a labor of love.  And if I’m lucky, I might even make a buck or two.


Sadly though, I have been lacking in the used of the work arena to  share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  So here’s a humble effort at it.


For my friends at ABF, I will make available to you electronically, if you would like them, our upcoming lesson text, references and my notes.  And I’ll share some of my favorite Christian recording artists work.  Something to get us in the right frame of mind.

And for the people I don’t know, a special invitation to take a few minutes right now and visit The First Baptist Church of Lake Alfred’s web site at

.  And if you are in our neck of the woods, a very special invitation to join us every Sunday morning.  A musically rich heart warming and possibly life changing experience is guaranteed for all!






 Your friend in tunes,

Dj Bowen

Music for Sight