Friday, August 6, 2010

Levon Helm Awarded the Certified MFS Seal for Dirt farmer and Electric dirt

Certified MFS Winner for August 2010 is The Levon Helm Band


The winner of this month's Certified MFS award is a long time veteran of the music scene and an exceptional talent at the art of creating imagery in music that has the power to give inner sight to the blind and visually impaired, Levon Helm.


The award this month encompasses the two most recent albums by The Levon Helm Band.


2007’s Certified MFS Award Winning dirt Farmer

2009’s Certified MFS Award Winning Electric dirt


Visit the home of The Levon Helm Band to give this music a preview and then jet back here and back up to the titles of the two albums above to grab them for yourself, or for a friend and help fight the battle against blindness.


On a much more scenic note, I was contemplating next month’s Certified MFS nominee’s and happened up on this blues guitarist and singer of the blues extraordinaire, woman named


Click Here for the rest of the story!


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